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Surgery Opening Times: Mon to Fri 8.30am - 7pm / Sat 8.30am - 12noon

For enquiries, bookings, prescriptions and sales

Our facilities


The surgery has a full range of operative equipment; a custom built dental table and ultrasound tooth scaling equipment, radiography facilities, ECG machine to monitor heart irregularities, endoscopic equipment (to allow a direct visualization of windpipes, stomachs and large bowels) and ultrasound to give invasive views of internal organs. We also have a digital X-Ray machine along with our state of the art laboratory

Complex thoracic surgery
Operating Room
Jess and Lotte rottie
Anaesthetic machine

The practice laboratory is able to examine blood samples for changes in the blood chemistry and cells. Urine samples may be examined and a special test helps in the diagnosis of two important feline viruses.


The practice uses the services of a local diagnostic laboratory for any histological or more complicated test.


Our kennels are spacious, secure and easy access, with 2 walk in kennels for larger pets. If your pet has to stay with us for a length of time we have visiting facilities.

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