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Surgery Opening Times: Mon to Fri 8.30am - 7pm / Sat 8.30am - 12noon

For enquiries, bookings, prescriptions and sales

Services we offer

At Andrew Mellor Veterinary Surgeons, we offer all the services you would expect from any companion animal practice- but want to believe that we do this and far more in a more proactive, interactive and inclusive way.


Our highly experienced Vets use a variety of diagnostic techniques to establish a problem (and if they are baffled then they have a list of Condition Specialists who can help support you and your pet.) They offer a range of advanced services, not found at all surgeries.

These include:

Diagnostic and Interpretation using X-ray, Ultrasound and Endoscopy.


Advanced Surgical procedures for Thoracic, Orthopaedic and Soft tissue reconstruction. As well as, Oncology treatments and regimes, treatment of exotic pets and reptiles and Acupuncture.


Basic healthcare and screening are offered by the Nurses, to assist you to keep your pet healthy, from the diet, to exercise to behavioural issues and everything in between. Just ask for a nurse appointment when you call us if you wish to check or monitor a condition or just get advice. You will be offered an appointment in one of the dedicated Wellness Clinics- Older Pet, Living with Epilepsy, Living with Diabetes, Living with a Heart Condition, Weight Maintenance, Puppy and Kitten development, Why do I do that? (Behaviour).


The team have also put together some useful guides and short video clips to help you with such things as ‘Checking for fleas and ticks’, ‘giving tablets to a cat’. Please search for them on youtube (not ready yet).


As active members of the BVA, and BSAVA we offer Canine Health Schemes including Hip and elbow scoring and Pet passports


Both Vets work alongside welfare organisations offering support, treatment and expert opinions as necessary.


The practice is accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is also a training practice for Student Vets and Nurses, working very closely with Myerscough college. Our team are strongly committed to education and offer work experience placements at the surgery as well as school visits and careers events at local schools.


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