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"Timmy was referred from another local practice after x rays revealed something stuck at the lung end of his trachea, causing him to cough and struggle breathing. We were hoping to remove it by endoscopy but it was in too vital an area to make this safe. Andrew and Carlos performed a thoracotomy then opened into his trachea and removed a sizeable pebble! The pebble was sat just above the heart, and this surgery was very complex due to the vital organs in the area. The whole time he was under anaesthetic the nurses had to breathe for him. Following removal, Timmy’s chest was closed and a chest drain placed to allow the lungs to reinflate. 24 hours later he had made an amazing recovery and was able to go home".

"A huge thank you from Tod and Sue. You helped to raise £303 to go towards training an assistance dog like Tod".

Charity Walk for Canine Partners

"To Carlos & Team, Thank you very much for your kindness and compassion".


Debbie & Family

"Dear Andrew, Carlos & All the lovely Nurses

Just want to say a massive Thank You to you all for saving my life, I hope I have been a good dog for everyone. I know I was smelly and horrible inside but I feel so much better and I can't wait to get back playing with my brother Ben".

Lots of Love Bruce

"To Andrew, Carlos & Your Wonderful Team

Kevin and I cannot Thank You all enough for what you have done for Brucie. We are so very thankful to still have him with us and this is due to all the wonderful work that you all do. We have only lived here a short time but will recommend you to anyone we know".

Thank You. Elaine & Kevin

"Dear Andrew,

Many thanks for coming to my house, Polly was so depressed last time we attended the surgery, hopefully, she has forgiven me for allowing you into her home!!! I'm sure she was. Thanks for your kindness & making it so acceptable for Polly".


"Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your letter dated 27.1.14 it was very much appreciated. Unfortunately, Jess became quite uncomfortable last Friday night, and although I was hoping to see you with her on Saturday, it was not possible, and I felt like she would have been even iller come Monday. However, your colleague dealt with this afternoon very capably, and I was happy with the decision I made. Jess had been an excellent dog, and I adored her, she had been frightened of most things for all her life. I needed to know that this battle could not be won, and made my decision for her not to suffer anymore. I just need you to know that I appreciated your honesty with me and had full confidence and trust in you. I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone in all respects. Jess was more relaxed with you than any other vet we had seen. I am happy I had her although for a shorter tune than I thought Jess say a big THANKYOU and so do I. PS see you soon with Zena".



"To Liz,

Thank you so much for making me feel soooo.... much better, love, woofs, wags & licks".


"To Carlos, Andrew & Reception,

Thank you so much for the expert care you have given to Marmalade & Xander over the years and for helping them to become Aussie cats!"

Best regards Allie, Jacqui & Jacob

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